Video: Diferente al Resto – Koresh (Lyrics)

Video: Diferente al Resto – Koresh (Lyrics)


April 10th, 2017

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“DiferenteGreetings, today I brought to you the Official Video of the song ‘Diferente al Resto’ (Different from the Rest), by Koresh.

As the title indicates, the video is also different from the others, since in this case you will be able to see each one of the words that make up the lyrics of the song right on the screen (Spanish), while using dozens of images created through the Google algorithm of Artificial Intelligence, showing how computers ‘Dream’ or interpret a simple image with different colors or simple static.

I hope you enjoy it, soon I will be publishing more music videos, so I invite those who enjoy Canis Major Army Hip Hop, to stay in contact, for all that is coming, blessings.

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