Song: By Conquest or Consent – Koresh

Song: By Conquest or Consent – Koresh


September 21st, 2017

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“TheGreetings, today I bring you a track from the Mixtape ‘One [אחד] Uno’, entitled “By Conquest of Consent”, based on the words spoken by James Paul Warburg to the United States Senate, basically announcing the plan of the Illuminati for a New World Order, specifying that they will establish it one way or another, reason why I decided to respond using the same words, to clarify that it is Yahwéh’s Kingdom which undoubtably shall be established.

The beat was produced by Chuki, the rest was done by yours truly. Here are the lyrics, in case you want to rap a long or simply know exactly what I’m saying, plus you can also Download it for free.


On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg,
a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, declared to the United States Senate:
“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it.
The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”


      By Conquest or Consent - Koresh


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