Video: ProfeTico [Kether]

Video: ProfeTico [Kether]


July 10th, 2018

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ProfeTicoBlessings, here I bring you the official video of the song “ProfeTico”, from the new Mixtape in process, called Kether.

The title of the song is clearly a play on words, using the title of Profe(sor), followed by the name used to refer to Costa Ricans (Ticos), to obtain the word “ProfeTico”, which characterizes each song and teaching done by Koresh, which are completely based on the Scriptures and all the signs of the end of history, which are being fulfilled in our day.

The name of the Mixtape (Kether) is the first Sefirah of the Tree of life and it means “Crown”; it is separated into two parts, Ain (Nothingness) and Ani (I Am), with ten songs each, as the amount of Sefirot in the Tree of Life.

I hope you enjoy the video and the song, you can download it for free here.



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